This afternoon we have changed the usual dynamics and we have done games to practice other important abilities.

This game called Braintbox, helps to improve the visual speed, the attention and, at the same time, we could practice English. It’s interesting watching them trying to express each other to play.


Welcome to 3rd term

As a started activity of the last term, the students of 5th and 6th grade are learning a new song called “This is me” by Keala Settle.

This song appears in the fabulous movie “The great Showman” and talk about to the diversity. The characters of the movie are different than the people of the town and they don’t feel good because that people look at them bad and also they don’t respect them.

It’s a great song to work with the students because we can talk abut the respect, diversity and how important is to accept ourselves.

We hope you enjoy it!

Today’s Forecast

The students fo 6th Grade have been learning more about the weather of others countries. These weeks ago they have been preparing to explain us today’s forecast.
I’m very proud of them and their capacity to give us the best of theirselves.

Here you can see someone’s of them.