Here you have the winners of the spelling bee!


Have a good summer!


3 day itinerary!

As an ending activity, children of 3rd grade created a Lapbook in cooperative groups.

The lapbook needs to have all the basic information to spend 3 days in some destination. As you should know, each group  are different destinations and I’ve to say it, I’m very proud of them.

They’ve learn to work in groups, to organize themselves and why not, to be more responsable. The last part of the lapbook was explain it. Do you want to know how was it?

They were amazing!

Congratulations 3rd grade!

Spelling contest

Dear families,

As you know our children are getting ready for the Spelling Contest. These days we are training our minds and practicing as much as we can.

Here you have a prove!

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Good luck!

Beauty and the beast

Last Tuesday we had a theater show about the story of “Beauty and the Beast” but not like the movie or the traditional story. We really enjoyed and we loved the songs.

Here you have so pictures that can prove that!

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Holiday vocabulary

After talking about what type of things we could need in a trip, they elaborate written flashcards about vocabulary. One time we finished, they had a good time searching the holiday vocabulary in a wordsearch. This one, was one of the most enjoyed activities made during this week!

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We can’t wait to discover what we are going to do next week!


Holiday Trip

We are ready for new adventures! This term is going to be amazing!

3rd grade started a new project about holidays destination. We contacted with a traveling agency to know the top 10 best destination. Could you guess what?

  1. New York
  2. Rome
  3. London
  4. Japan
  5. Portugal
  6. Australia
  7. Egypt
  8. Barcelona
  9. Hawai
  10. Canada

After that, we have been looking for information about the first six. Then, for cooperative work groups, they have been doing a brainstorming about important things to know about each destination.

Paper roll animals

As a ending activity, 3rd kids are creating animals with paper roll.

We have been talking about all the necessary materials to make it happen and then, they just start to work.

They look like really artist! I’m very proud of them!

Animals exposition

After days working with the animals description, 3rd grade finished the poster and the have already done the exhibitions. Each group had an animal to describe using the vocabulary learned these days.

Here you can see the members of each group!

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Animals classification

This week 3rd grade have been reviewing the animals classification. After all the vocabulary learned sometimes it’s necessary to organize our minds.

Here you have some of the videos which it’s been helping us to remember important things about the project.

Just click on the names and you gonna see it.

I hope you like it!