Animals went up and down


The kids of P3 can’t be happier to end this wonderful year in the school. They learned so many amazing things… These last weeks we have been learning this funny song! It’s about animals and prepositions like “up or down”.

Hickory dickory dock.

The mouse went up the clock.

The clock struck one.

The mouse went down.

Hickory dickory dock.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

Do you want to watch it?


Parts of the house

Thanks to this wonderful story we could learned more incredible words like: chair, table, bed or soup! We can also ask to the teacher to go to the toilette in English too! It’s easy!

Toilette please!

Look! Here we have finished the activity!

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Goldilocks and the three bears

Do know the story of Goldilocks and the three bears? Is about one little girl who was walking in the forest and she saw a house. As she was tired and hungry, she decided to go inside. But this house has owners… can you guess who?

After watching the story and talk about it, we make an artistic activity to take home.

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Learning opposites


We love play and do interactive games in English!

We’ve imitate some opposites words like big/small, fast/slow and up/down.

Do you want to see how fun is it?



An example of this class:

Family moment


The kids of P3 are learning the members of the family! They are really enjoying with in this class because they love their families so it’s being so easy to learn.




As you can see in the picture, they are the protagonist of the game. Each kid has to show his flashcard and the others have to tell who is it!


If you want, you can practise with some photos in your home!


The Kindergarten children started the 3rd term with this wonderful project! they are so excited to know more about this new world!

We have been watching different characters of the circus with these video:

And also, we saw this awesome story where we could talk about animals, actions and other vocabulary leaned before.

Bunny garland

The bears classroom is almost ready for Easter!

They have welcomed the spring discovering new colors, animals and landscapes. One of the best ways to show them what is for the american or English people the Easter is creating a bunny garland.

They have been decorating their own bunny and watching some stories about a typical costume called “Easter egg hunt”.



Also we were able to practice the numbers thanks to the next video.

Have a nice Easter!

Who are you today?

These kids are growing up so fast! Every day needs more action and to sing isn’t enough!
They have already listened this song but now our challenge will be to try to express how do they feel.
As you will see in the video someone of them feel shame and not ready to dance. Don’t worry, they just will need more time to adapt.

Color’s Project

Hello P3!

These lasts weeks, the Bears have been working the Project of the Colors.
They have been learning the colors with songs like you have here, with flashcards or games.
“When they are dancing, they are thinking, so… they are learning to.”


The Shape song!

Woooooow! There are lots of shapes!

“Can you find a circle?

Can you find a diamond?

Can you find a square?

Can you find a heart?”

They love this song! It’s so easy and funny!