House song

Enjoy this video of P4 singing some parts of the house. Hope you like it!


Role play to learn the family

We have seen the story “Pull grandpa’s shoe”. We loved it so we decided to make a little role play doing the same.

Every student was a member of the family. They really enjoy this type of activity!

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The Kindergarten children started the 3rd term with this wonderful project! they are so excited to know more about this new world!

We have been watching different characters of the circus with these video:

And also, we saw this awesome story where we could talk about animals, actions and other vocabulary leaned before.

Throw the dice!

We like to make the animal, so this activity has enchanted us!
We have thrown the dice and we had to imitate the animal that gave us. For example, an elephant, a penguin, a snake or a monkey. The other partners of the class had to guess.

Behold! We are great at it!

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Welcome to the jungle!

Because we’re learning the animals, we have decorated the class as a jungle. We even have a monkey and a snake!!!


And do you remember all the animals songs? Here you have the vocabulary that we have learned.