Goldilocks and the three bears

This week we have read the story of “Goldilocks and the three bears”. We have sung songs, seen videos, learned what is big, small and tiny, too hot, too cold, too hard, too soft and just right.

So we decided to play the story for our partners. In groups they have represented it really well. Look the result!


House song

Enjoy this video of P4 singing some parts of the house. Hope you like it!

Where are you?

This week, we start talking about the different parts of the house.  They have been playing with flashcards and singing this song!

After that, we made a role play imitating that song. Children pick up a flashcard and they have to answer where you are based on the picture.


Holiday vocabulary

After talking about what type of things we could need in a trip, they elaborate written flashcards about vocabulary. One time we finished, they had a good time searching the holiday vocabulary in a wordsearch. This one, was one of the most enjoyed activities made during this week!

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We can’t wait to discover what we are going to do next week!


Holiday Trip

We are ready for new adventures! This term is going to be amazing!

3rd grade started a new project about holidays destination. We contacted with a traveling agency to know the top 10 best destination. Could you guess what?

  1. New York
  2. Rome
  3. London
  4. Japan
  5. Portugal
  6. Australia
  7. Egypt
  8. Barcelona
  9. Hawai
  10. Canada

After that, we have been looking for information about the first six. Then, for cooperative work groups, they have been doing a brainstorming about important things to know about each destination.

Role play

Spring is here and we are starting to go out site. The playground is a fantastic space for practicing the prepositions across this role play.

These sunny days, we have been representing the prepositions with the body.

If they are involved it’s easier to learn, isn’t it?

Prepositions of the pictures: in front of, behind, over…


This afternoon we have changed the usual dynamics and we have done games to practice other important abilities.

This game called Braintbox, helps to improve the visual speed, the attention and, at the same time, we could practice English. It’s interesting watching them trying to express each other to play.

Keep calm and love READING

After reading “Why do we have to recycle?” the students of 5th grade have started to read books of our library. Each child can choose the reading book that he or she likes more. This way, they read with more interesting and they enjoy little more reading.

As you can see in the pictures, one of the best and important part of this gratefully moment is the elaboration of the bookmark.

The more you read,

the more you know,

the more you learn,

the more places you will go!

-Dr. Suess-

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Learning opposites


We love play and do interactive games in English!

We’ve imitate some opposites words like big/small, fast/slow and up/down.

Do you want to see how fun is it?



An example of this class:

Role play to learn the family

We have seen the story “Pull grandpa’s shoe”. We loved it so we decided to make a little role play doing the same.

Every student was a member of the family. They really enjoy this type of activity!

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