Here you have the winners of the spelling bee!


Have a good summer!



Here you have the videos of the representations about myths.


Working in groups

We are preparing a performance of our myth. Each group has organized its characters and dialogue. We are looking forward to see the final result!



Beauty and the beast

Last Tuesday we had a theater show about the story of “Beauty and the Beast” but not like the movie or the traditional story. We really enjoyed and we loved the songs.

Here you have so pictures that can prove that!

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Our Project Song

This is the song that we are going to learn this term. It’s related to the mythology project and it’s from the movie Hercules.

This is the way we read…

Reading may seem boring… But if we do it together and comfortably we can assure you that it’s not.

Since last week we have started to read this book:


It seems that we’re enjoying it!