We can’t stop singing this song!


Haikus in English

“Haiku” is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. It consist of 3 lines. It rarely rhymes. The first line has 5 syllables, the second one 7 and the 3rd 5 syllables again.

Here you have our haikus!



Our first project is: HOW DO WE GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER?


We did an activity all together. They had to write an adjective to their partners.

Here you have some positive adjectives to describe someone.

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Welcome 5th Grade!

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Here we are again! As you know, this is the English blog and this year this will be your page.

Here we will upload some images, photos, videos and things about our English classes.

Today, we did an activity to know more each other. You need to find someone who fits in the description by asking all the classmates.

Beauty and the beast

Last Tuesday we had a theater show about the story of “Beauty and the Beast” but not like the movie or the traditional story. We really enjoyed and we loved the songs.

Here you have so pictures that can prove that!

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What time is it?

In English we have a theory about learning and play. We believe that they learn much more enjoying the moment and more if it is between partners.

With the “time cards” today they have been in charge of directing the activity, asking each other and , as always, being the protagonist. It has been fun and interesting to see how they try harder to learn and communicate with their peers without the presence of the teacher.

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