Cheeky Monkey is back!

Today we have found another letter of Cheeky Monkey.


And finally he has come back to our class! We are so happy! Now we can play and learn with him.



Just remind


Action words!

Good morning!

Some days we are so sleepy… and the best way to wake up with a beautiful smile is… SHAKING US!

In this picture you can see us enjoying some actions words like:

jump, dance, walk, run, sit down, stand up, turn around or the last incorporation… FLY!


Where is Cheeky Monkey?

One day, suddenly, Cheeky Monkey disappeared from the classroom, after been silent for a few days in a corner. He was sad…
We received a letter from him telling us that he was in the jungle since he was very hungry and in our class there were no bananas or fruits.

So we have set to work to make Cheeky Monkey feel at home.

We have decorated the whole class with fruits.

We hope he likes it and comes back soon.