Shakespeare’s visit

Today we had William Shakespeare as a guest in class. He has told us everything about his life. It was very funny!


We have also brainstormed about the theatre. We will continue learning many things about him and his work.


Corners about transportation

Today we have practiced everything we learned about transportation while we made corners.

We had six different activities that we have done in groups: counting, silhouette matching, colour, tangram, puzzles and classify.

Here are some pictures. We had a great time!

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This is the way we read…

Reading may seem boring… But if we do it together and comfortably we can assure you that it’s not.

Since last week we have started to read this book:


It seems that we’re enjoying it!

New year, new you!

Imatge relacionada

  1. Shayla: Be more patient with my friends.
  2. Alex: Enjoy more than last year.
  3. Blanca: I will try harder in everything I propose.
  4. David: I wish improve my handwriting.
  5. Noa: I will try not eat my nails.
  6. Arnau:
  7. Maria: Improve my notes.
  8. Francisco: