Paper roll animals

As a ending activity, 3rd kids are creating animals with paper roll.

We have been talking about all the necessary materials to make it happen and then, they just start to work.

They look like really artist! I’m very proud of them!


Bunny garland

The bears classroom is almost ready for Easter!

They have welcomed the spring discovering new colors, animals and landscapes. One of the best ways to show them what is for the american or English people the Easter is creating a bunny garland.

They have been decorating their own bunny and watching some stories about a typical costume called “Easter egg hunt”.

Also we were able to practice the numbers thanks to the next video.

Have a nice Easter!

Working with grammar online

Last Wednesday, the students of second ESO revised  the English verb tenses introduced so far. How did they do it ? By watching online videos.  Have a look!





Last February the  students of first ESO did great presentations about Carnival around the world. Have a look at some of the posters they made!


Welcome Spring

The second term is almost finished and P5 are getting ready to welcome.

We love spring because is a colorful season. We can see different animals like butterflies, ladybug, bees and caterpillars. Also there are other animals that appears in the sunny days: rabbits, bears, deers or birds.

Here you have some of the examples of this craft activity’s.

They did a funny bracelet made of paper, crayons and a flight of fancy.

Solar System

The kids of P5 are learning so many things about their new project: The planets!

We had the opportunity to discover new adventures with Mister Toby, one of the most important astronaut.

He showed us the Solar system and all the planets! Also he mentioned something about orbits and asteroids! Is awesome!

As a ending activity, we are drawing our own solar system, once finished, we are going to try to explain to our college.

Throw the dice!

We like to make the animal, so this activity has enchanted us!
We have thrown the dice and we had to imitate the animal that gave us. For example, an elephant, a penguin, a snake or a monkey. The other partners of the class had to guess.

Behold! We are great at it!

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Lapbook’s example

This is an example of a Lapbook. Remember to include all the parts and bring it next week to the class. The last day to give it is Friday 9th.

Welcome to the jungle!

Because we’re learning the animals, we have decorated the class as a jungle. We even have a monkey and a snake!!!


And do you remember all the animals songs? Here you have the vocabulary that we have learned.