Little red riding hood

Little red riding hood is a good story to learn some actions words. Also, the characters like hunter, grandma even the wolf define important values like generosity, respect or courage.

The final activity was created a puppet with these characters to take home and play with their families.

It’s great to learn vocabulary with stories!


Summer is here!


This year is almost finished and we can not be happier! Everybody love this song so let’s go fun!

Have a nice week!

Open & shut

There is no better way to learn something than doing it yourself and this is what they are doing in this video. Most of the days, they act like teacher making the lesson themselves.

Part I

Part II

Part III


Counting in groups


P5 love role play in the playground! So they played in groups, practicing the numbers and improving the relationship each other.

Here you have a part of this exiting moment.



Prepositions game

Hello families!

These days we are learning prepositions. And there is nothing better than to involve children in the activities… so we found this funny game to remember the prepositions!

Try it in your home with them!

Months of the year


They are growing so fast and every they learn new things in English!

This time, these kids have been practicing this famous dance with a special vocabulary: MONTHS of the YEAR!

Every morning the mini teacher choose a song to dance with all the group, and today they have chosen this one.

I hope you enjoy it watching them as much as I enjoy dancing with them!


The Kindergarten children started the 3rd term with this wonderful project! they are so excited to know more about this new world!

We have been watching different characters of the circus with these video:

And also, we saw this awesome story where we could talk about animals, actions and other vocabulary leaned before.

Welcome Spring

We love SPRING because is a colorful season. We can see different animals like butterflies, ladybugs, bees or caterpillars. Also there are other animals that appears in the sunny days: rabbits, bears, deer or birds.

They did a funny bracelet made of paper, crayons and a flight of fancy.


Also we start the class singing this happy song! This is so useful because we can compare and see the biggest difference between winter and spring.

Solar System

The kids of P5 are learning so many things about their new project: The planets!

We had the opportunity to discover new adventures with Mister Toby, one of the most important astronaut.

He showed us the Solar system and all the planets! Also he mentioned something about orbits and asteroids! Is awesome!

As a ending activity, we are drawing our own solar system, once finished, we are going to try to explain to our college.

Villains Project

Hello P5!
These days we have been talking about the villains of the stories. In English class we watched a different story about the witches. In the next story you gonna see a different type of witch. I hope you like it!

Another of the most famous villains is the wolf. Some animals can be dangerous but there are others not. What I love about this story is the end… when Tia give an advise to Tofu. Pay attention!

Remember! “If you be bad to others, bad happens to you”