New vocabulary

After reading the book we have learned all these new words.


Remember that you can write them in your CUBE BOOK REVIEW!


Interactive phonics

Thanks to the APAC conference we can discovered more resources and different ways to learn the phonics.

The kids of 1st Grade really enjoy this new way. They can reproduce the phonic easier and their own dance about the vocabulary learned.

Do you want to see them?

Funny learning

The kids of 2nd Grade wanted to show you a different and funny way to learn the months of the year.

Don’t you recognize this dance?

Acting and drama

We spent a few days practicing our roles and characters in the theatre play.
As we know that acting is not easy, first we make games in pairs to relax and act better in front of the class.

Here you have the songs of the play in case you want to practice them at home.

The Gingerbread men song:

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf song:

In my house song:

Wolfie brown song:

ABC & Phonics

We’re now into a new project: THE LETTERS!!!

We’re learning the a,b,c and also their sounds.

Here can you see how we do it.

This is my family

Have you got sisters?

Have you got dad?

Have you got pet?

Have you got grandma?

You can see here our second scrapbook activity!

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Learning more about amphibians

We’ve started the week learning more about amphibians and the life cycle of the frogs.

We’ve discovered frogs are predators like lions o tigers but, frogs don’t eat meat, it eats little insects who do not move too fast such a beetles, caterpillars, etc.


The Shape song!

Woooooow! There are lots of shapes!

“Can you find a circle?

Can you find a diamond?

Can you find a square?

Can you find a heart?”

They love this song! It’s so easy and funny!


P3 have started with the shapes! We have seen a story about all the shapes that we can see in our classroom. It was amazing!
Next step is draw it on the whiteboard… IT’S SO DIFFICULT! But we’re really enjoy it!