Learning the animals

Here you have the songs that we watch, dance and sing to learn the animals.


Animals exposition

After days working with the animals description, 3rd grade finished the poster and the have already done the exhibitions. Each group had an animal to describe using the vocabulary learned these days.

Here you can see the members of each group!

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Animals classification

This week 3rd grade have been reviewing the animals classification. After all the vocabulary learned sometimes it’s necessary to organize our minds.

Here you have some of the videos which it’s been helping us to remember important things about the project.

Just click on the names and you gonna see it.

I hope you like it!


Villains Project

Hello P5!
These days we have been talking about the villains of the stories. In English class we watched a different story about the witches. In the next story you gonna see a different type of witch. I hope you like it!

Another of the most famous villains is the wolf. Some animals can be dangerous but there are others not. What I love about this story is the end… when Tia give an advise to Tofu. Pay attention!

Remember! “If you be bad to others, bad happens to you”


Who are you today?

These kids are growing up so fast! Every day needs more action and to sing isn’t enough!
They have already listened this song but now our challenge will be to try to express how do they feel.
As you will see in the video someone of them feel shame and not ready to dance. Don’t worry, they just will need more time to adapt.

Daily routine

Hello! As you know, every week the students of 5th Grade write in the calendar all the things necessary to start a good day. We called Daily routine because is the first part of the English class and they feel like really teachers doing it.
Here you have a great example!

Today’s Forecast

The students fo 6th Grade have been learning more about the weather of others countries. These weeks ago they have been preparing to explain us today’s forecast.
I’m very proud of them and their capacity to give us the best of theirselves.

Here you can see someone’s of them.

Color’s Project

Hello P3!

These lasts weeks, the Bears have been working the Project of the Colors.
They have been learning the colors with songs like you have here, with flashcards or games.
“When they are dancing, they are thinking, so… they are learning to.”


Interactive phonics

Thanks to the APAC conference we can discovered more resources and different ways to learn the phonics.

The kids of 1st Grade really enjoy this new way. They can reproduce the phonic easier and their own dance about the vocabulary learned.

Do you want to see them?