Who are you today?

These kids are growing up so fast! Every day needs more action and to sing isn’t enough!
They have already listened this song but now our challenge will be to try to express how do they feel.
As you will see in the video someone of them feel shame and not ready to dance. Don’t worry, they just will need more time to adapt.

Color’s Project

Hello P3!

These lasts weeks, the Bears have been working the Project of the Colors.
They have been learning the colors with songs like you have here, with flashcards or games.
“When they are dancing, they are thinking, so… they are learning to.”


ABC & Phonics

We’re now into a new project: THE LETTERS!!!

We’re learning the a,b,c and also their sounds.

Here can you see how we do it.

This is my family

Have you got sisters?

Have you got dad?

Have you got pet?

Have you got grandma?

You can see here our second scrapbook activity!

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The Shape song!

Woooooow! There are lots of shapes!

“Can you find a circle?

Can you find a diamond?

Can you find a square?

Can you find a heart?”

They love this song! It’s so easy and funny!