This is our Christmas song!


Place preposition

This week we have been working some place prepositions! Look at this pictures, we were UNDER the table!


Welcome back!


We hope you had a great summer, full of joy! It’s nice to have you around again!

During this two first weeks of school, we have introduced ourselves through different activities. With 1st grade every student draw themselves and four different things that they like. Then we talked about their favorite things and we put all together into a presentation. Here you can see their favorite things!

1st grade “This is me” presentation


Where are you?

This week, we start talking about the different parts of the house.  They have been playing with flashcards and singing this song!

After that, we made a role play imitating that song. Children pick up a flashcard and they have to answer where you are based on the picture.


Theater show

Welcome 3rd term!

The students of 1st and 2nd grade started the week with a wonderful theater show.

The Tale Teller company came to represent us the story “The Wolf and the seven goats” and it was awesome! We could participate and enjoy during the show as you can see in the next video.

REMEMBER! Don’t open the door and careful with the wolf!

This is my family

Have you got sisters?

Have you got dad?

Have you got pet?

Have you got grandma?

You can see here our second scrapbook activity!

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