Summer song

Summer is here!

The children of 1st and 2nd are ready to enjoy of this wonderful holidays! For this reason, we are dancing and learning this funny song.

Here comes the summer song again.


It’s time to party with my friends…




Where are you?

This week, we start talking about the different parts of the house.  They have been playing with flashcards and singing this song!

After that, we made a role play imitating that song. Children pick up a flashcard and they have to answer where you are based on the picture.


Role play

Spring is here and we are starting to go out site. The playground is a fantastic space for practicing the prepositions across this role play.

These sunny days, we have been representing the prepositions with the body.

If they are involved it’s easier to learn, isn’t it?

Prepositions of the pictures: in front of, behind, over…

Theater show

Welcome 3rd term!

The students of 1st and 2nd grade started the week with a wonderful theater show.

The Tale Teller company came to represent us the story “The Wolf and the seven goats” and it was awesome! We could participate and enjoy during the show as you can see in the next video.

REMEMBER! Don’t open the door and careful with the wolf!

Interactive phonics

Thanks to the APAC conference we can discovered more resources and different ways to learn the phonics.

The kids of 1st Grade really enjoy this new way. They can reproduce the phonic easier and their own dance about the vocabulary learned.

Do you want to see them?

This is my family

Have you got sisters?

Have you got dad?

Have you got pet?

Have you got grandma?

You can see here our second scrapbook activity!

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The enormous carrot!

1st Grade is learning new vocabulary with “The enormous carrot” story. It talks about the family on a funny way.

In these pictures you can see them representing it.

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