The Shape song!

Woooooow! There are lots of shapes!

“Can you find a circle?

Can you find a diamond?

Can you find a square?

Can you find a heart?”

They love this song! It’s so easy and funny!



P3 have started with the shapes! We have seen a story about all the shapes that we can see in our classroom. It was amazing!
Next step is draw it on the whiteboard… IT’S SO DIFFICULT! But we’re really enjoy it!


Transports song representation

We really enjoyed this project! We have been learning lots of transports and actions.
I ride on a bike
I ride on a bus
I ride on a train
I ride on a car
I fly on a plane
I fly in a rocket

In the next video you can watch us representing the last part of the song.

It’s funny, isn’t it?

This is my monster

This week 2nd grade have been playing with the parts of the face.

We started by asking between us if we have eyes, ears, etc.

“Have you got eyes? Yes, I have two!”

Then each kid have been drawing his monster and matching the parts with the vocabulary learned.


The final task will be a game where the children will ask to their partner about his monster. They will have to guess how is the monster of their partner.

“Have you got six eyes? No, I haven’t”

“Have you got teeth? Yes, I have”